Frequently Asked Questions.

What services do you offer?

- I offer Hair styling, Up-do's, Traditional Make-up, Airbrush Make-up, False Lash Application, Individual Lash Application, Tattoo Coverage, Hair Extension Placement and Styling, and more. Blow-outs are by request only and must be requested BEFORE the date needed.


Please note: Our norm is we do NOT Blow-Dry hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before we style. For Up-do's, I prefer your hair dirty! I usually say at least washed the day before if you wash everyday. For Make-up, please have a clean face.


Do you have a minimum or maximum amount of people or services you'll take?

- No, I am available for however many services or people need accommodating.

Do you have a salon I can come to for the trial or Day Of services?

- No, I am completely travel based and come to you for all services. If there is a need to come to me, we can make that work as well. I am flexible!

Do you require a deposit?

- No, I do not require a deposit; I only require a signed contract to book your date.

Do you require a Bridal Trial?

- No, I do not require a Bridal Trial but, I do recommend you have one. This is for a couple reasons. 1. It's so you can feel comfortable with me as your stylist. 2. It's so we can try a look you may be on the fence about or want to try something new you've never done before.3. It's for timing so, I know how much time it will roughly take to do your hair and make-up the way you want it. A trial helps me find out more details about your skin and hair type, what holds and what doesn't, what you liked and what you didn't.

How long does a Bridal Trial take?

- I block two hours for the services. If the trial goes over by 30 minutes or more, there is an additional fee of $50.00 for every half hour over.

Do I need anything for my Trial?

Please make sure you have fully dry hair and a clean face. If you plan on wearing a veil or head piece, please have it with you for the trial. I also recommend you have your own lip color. This is so you know you will like the color and also so you will be able to touch it up on the Day Of. Pictures of what you would like for Hair and Make-up. Lashes if you have specific brands you like or Hair Extensions if you plan on having some for the Day Of.

Will the person who did my trial be my stylist on the Day of?

- Yes, the person who does your trial will be the same person who does your Day Of services. This is to ensure consistency and so you can feel at ease on your big day.

When I book, do I need to know how many services I will have?

- Yes, you will need at least a rough estimate of how many services will be needed. It does not have to be exact and services can be added later if necessary.

Can I add more services than what I had initially wanted?

- Yes, you can always add more services. If you are adding a large number of services, I will need to know far enough in advance to able to add an extra stylist if needed.

How long will it take for my Bridal Party to get ready?

Plan for 45 minutes per service. Please add extra time for anyone who has long or thick hair.

Do you have a Travel Fee?

- Yes, there is a standard travel fee of $30.00 for San Diego.

Do you offer Airbrush Make-up?

- Yes, I do offer Airbrushed Make-up for an additional fee.

What is Airbrush Make-up?

- Airbrush Make-up is  a water-based foundation sprayed by an air compressor which gives a more flawless finish on your face or body. Once it's dried, it stays in place better than traditional foundation and will usually last longer. The coverage can be as light or as full as you'd like it to be without the feeling of cakey-ness. Airbrush is used to cover blemishes, scars, discoloration, or tattoos.

Do you have cruelty-free products?

- Yes, many of my products are cruelty-free. If you have concerns or questions about the products I use, please ask! I try to be as accommodating as I can be.

How far in advance should I be booking services?

- Generally, you will want to book your hair and make-up stylists about 6 months prior to make sure the date is available. We book pretty far in advance during wedding season.

Do you charge more for the Bride?

- No, I do not believe in charging more for a bride. I put 100% in each and every person's hair and make-up services and do not feel that just because you are the bride, I need to charge you more.

How do I pay?

- You can pay by Check, Apple Pay, Venmo, or Cash. All balances MUST be paid before the wedding date and gratuity is not included in the pricing.

Have a question that wasn't answered on this page? Please use the contact page to  ask me! I am happy to answer any questions you may have before booking!



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